Real Life was a magazine about living with technology. The emphasis was more on living.

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Real Life was made possible by funding from Snap, Inc., and we operated with editorial independence and without ads.

Nathan Jurgenson

Editor in Chief

Nathan is a social media theorist, the co-founder and chair of Theorizing the Web, a researcher at Snapchat, and a contributing editor at the New Inquiry.

Rob Horning


Rob Horning is a writer and former editor of Real Life.

Alexandra Molotkow


Alexandra is a writer and a founding editor of Hazlitt. She has also been an editor at the Hairpin and the Walrus and an arts columnist at the Globe and Mail.

Soraya King

Editor, Art Director

Soraya is an occasional writer and was an editor of Adult. She previously copyedited at the Guardian and the Los Angeles Review of Books, and fact checked GQ.

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