July 20, 2020

Real Life: Audio Edition

Our new essays will now be accessible in full-text audio form. You can listen to them here on the site, on Apple Podcasts, or on all the major podcast platforms. First up:

Contracirculation: On rewriting the terms of engagement with images of Black suffering, by Marielle Ingram

Symptom Check: Narrating one’s own illness can counterbalance how the pandemic has been politicized, by Sharrona Pearl

Liminal Space: The only certainty the quarantine has offered is contradiction, by Dr. Devon Powers

Automatic for the Bosses: Workers may be more affected by robots taking their bosses’ jobs than their own, by David A. Banks

Back to the Future: Drive-ins evoke a time when we didn’t have to rely on nostalgia for escapism, by Dolly Church

Look Who’s Talking: How tech companies understand “clarity” reveals what they assume about users, by Megan Marz

And coming soon…

Sensitive Material: Content moderation tries to render certain bodies unseeable, narrated by the author, Sasha Geffen



About the narrator: Britney Gil is an audio producer and writer based in Upstate New York. She creates  audio media in a range of genres, including fiction and non-fiction audiobooks and podcasts. She’s cohost and producer of the Ironweeds podcast. Her written work has appeared here on Real Life, in the Society Pages’ CyborgologyRefinery 29, How to Sleep Faster, and the New Inquiry. Follow her on Twitter @_britneygil.

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